September 29, 2020

The table below is reflective of the District’s COVID-19 isolating/quarantining data as of 8:30 am today, Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

COVID Data 9 29 20

Those who have been reviewing the data when shared each Friday will notice an increase in the total number of individuals isolating or quarantining.  This is reflective of individuals identified through contact tracing Friday, and then in another case Monday. 

Superintendent Mark Lane noted that he is expecting Governor Reynolds to address possible policy changes later today and for official communication to be shared by either the Iowa Department of Public Health or Iowa Department of Education.  “If and when that occurs, we will work with Winneshiek County Public health to understand the new guidance and apply it to our practice,” stated Lane. “If and when guidance changes, we will work with Winneshiek County Public Health to understand the guidance and adjust our approach. If we are able to allow some quarantined students to return sooner than was previously communicated, we will reach out to families to share that information.  Until then, we will continue to operate under the guidance currently in place.”