Direct services are provided for English Language Learners (ELL) to support academic achievement and English language development.

ESL Services

At the elementary level, students spend most of their day in the classroom with their English speaking classmates, with some daily small group or individual time for English language instruction. During small group and individual instruction, students work on the five areas of language: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension. The elementary ELL curriculum is content-based and students work on language acquisition through various content areas. ELL teachers work closely with the content area teachers to assist students.

At the middle school and high school, students receive language support in both content area classrooms and one-on-one settings. A research-based curriculum and/or a combination of other materials are used to work on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and comprehension. Students may also be in a team-taught classroom or a content area classroom with a support teacher. ELL teachers work closely with the content area teachers to assist students in comprehension and completing assignments.

Read more about district ESL services through the DCSD Lau Plan.

5-12 ESL Teacher – Julia Benson

EC-4 ESL Teacher – Hannah Hemesath

Translation & Interpretation Services – Kathryn Vanney