Decorah Community School District engages in annual strategic planning guided by our shared mission, vision, values and strategic planning pillars and promises. Our strategic planning is built upon a philosophy of continual improvement and systems thinking.

Our Mission

Learning – Thriving – Creating Our Legacy

  • At Decorah Community School District we embrace student learning and well-being as our fundamental purpose; we will, in partnership with our students, families, and community, make the world a better place.

Our Vision

Decorah Community School District will be a collaborative, innovative, learning-centered organization empowering students to embrace their personal strengths and create their future.

Our Values

Decorah Community School District is guided by the following core values:

  • Collaboration and Community 

    • We believe collaboration and community partnerships promote innovation and shared responsibility.
  • Curiosity and Creativity  

    • We believe curiosity and creativity lead to meaningful learning.
  • Engagement and Excellence

    • We believe engagement and excellence foster personal ownership, and pride and joy in work and learning.
  • Equity and Well-being

    • We believe equity and well-being ensure a safe learning environment, a sense of belonging, and student success.
  • Integrity and Humility 

    • We believe integrity and humility create respectful, trusting relationships.
  • Stewardship and Sustainability 

    • We believe stewardship and sustainability promote efficient and effective operations now and in the future.

Our Strategic Planning Pillars and Promises

Student Learning

Our Promise- Ensure each student receives a well-rounded educational experience that fosters learning and personal growth.

System Measures

  • Iowa School Performance Profile
  • Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress
  • ACT
  • MAP
  • FAST

Our People

Our Promise- Maintain a workplace environment and culture that promotes engagement, well-being, and a focus on student success.

System Measures

  • Pulse Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Safety and Well-being

Our Promise- Promote and protect the safety and well-being of students, families, employees, community, and resources.

System Measures

  • Pulse Student, Parent, and Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys
  • Conditions for Learning Survey

Service Excellence

Our Promise- Foster a positive, supportive, engaging, and service-oriented culture for students, parents, community, and one another.

System Measures

  • Pulse Student and Parent Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Finance, Facilities, and Operations

Our Promise- Ensure equitable allocation, and optimal utilization of district finances and facilities to support the achievement of district goals.

System Measures

  • Annual Unspent Authorized Budget Percentage
  • Annual Solvency Ratio
  • Annual Enrollment
  • Tax Rate