On January 7 Governor Reynolds issued new updated guidance related to admittance of spectators for our  current winter sporting events. While we are excited to know that many restrictions have been lifted, we will  need to still have a system in place to monitor the number of spectators in our facility to maintain proper  physical distancing guidelines. The primary focus of our system will be to keep our students and spectators  safe from transmission of COVID 19. In order to keep our students safe, we will continue to need the help and  support of our families and spectators for our seasons to be able to continue.  

Based on the agreement of member Northeast Iowa Conference Schools and the Decorah Community School  district, admission of spectators to winter sporting events will still be limited in accordance with the following  guidelines. Certain activities (Bowling, Swimming, Wrestling Tournaments, Speech, Music and Middle School Sports) will have modified admission requirements based on facility needs and ability to separate students  from crowds.  

Admittance to events will be granted under the following considerations and guidelines for high school events.  – Family members living in the same household of each participant will be admitted to events through a  checklist system with a maximum number of 6 individuals being admitted.  

  • Each participant in the event will also be allowed to distribute their current 2 passes to any individuals  not in their household.  
  • All spectators are required to wear masks entering and exiting the event as well as while the event is  occurring.  
  • Families are required to sit together and physical distance from other groups at all times for all indoor  events.  
  • No organized student sections will be allowed until further notice.  

Spectators and family members are asked to remain respectful and compliant with current guidelines at all  times when visiting schools and private facilities for events. The public health officials, school administrators  and coaches who have developed these strategies continue to do their best and are working diligently to  create a safe and healthy environment for all. Spectators not following social distancing and/or behavioral  expectations will be asked to leave the event.  

We continue to feel fortunate to continue to have an opportunity to watch our young people participate in  the activities they love this winter thanks to the mitigation strategies and cooperation exhibited by all  stakeholders in recent months. Let’s continue to be respectful of the guidelines for all schools as we seek to  support completion of the current winter sports seasons.  

We look forward to continuing to see all fans and families when and where possible at our events in the near future!