October 13, 2020

By: Shayla Smith, Decorah FFA Reporter

Seventeen members of the Decorah FFA competed at District Livestock Evaluation on October 3, 2020, at the Clayton County Fairgrounds. Contestants evaluated six classes consisting of angus heifers, commercial heifers, breeding does, breeding ewes, markets lambs, and breeding gilts. Twenty-five teams and eighty-nine FFA members completed at the contest.

Three Decorah FFA teams placed in the top 10. The team of Kyleigh Batterson, Rachel Mikkelson, and Chezny Ryant received first place and a plaque at the contest. Other Decorah FFA teams in the top 10 include the third-place team of Anders Lovstuen, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, and Jeramiah Rediske and the sixth-place team of Dalton Hemesath, Ashley Nierling, and Shayla Smith.

The Decorah FFA also had six individuals place in the top 10. Chezny Ryant received first place in the district contest. Other top ten individuals include fourth place to Creed Monroe, fifth place to Ashley Nierling, sixth place to Kyleigh Batterson, seventh place to Anders Lovstuen, and tenth place to Rachel Mikkelson.

Decorah FFA members who participated in the contest include Kyleigh Batterson, Dahlyn Headington, Dalton Hemesath, David Kreitzer, Anders Lovstuen, Maggie Lovstuen, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, Ashley Nierling, Justin Nierling, Jeramiah Rediske, Chezny Ryant, Gavin Sims, Shayla Smith, Addison Wemark, and Dalton Zidlicky.

10.2020 District Livestock Evaluation First Place Team Decorah FFA Rachel Chezny Kyleigh
The Decorah FFA team of (pictured left to right) Rachel Mikkelson, Chezny Ryant, and Kyleigh Batterson placed first place at the District Livestock Evaluation contest held at the Clayton County Fairgrounds.