March 14, 2021

Decorah High School’s individual speech participants—coached by Molly Holkesvik, Gabriel Twedt, Carrie Kauffman, Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks, and Cydney Weitzel—competed Thursday, March 11th, in Decorah, Iowa. Around 50 students participated in the contest.  Out of Decorah’s 53 performances, 39 received Division I (excellent) ratings.

The directors shared, “This season has been sensational. Our students have shown passion, talent, and grace through each practice and contest. We are truly proud of our students as performers, but more importantly, as people.”

Any potential All-State honors will be posted on Wednesday, March 24th after 4:00 pm on the Iowa High School Speech Association website at

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grades 10-12

Receiving a Division I (excellent) rating:

Original Oratory: Neptune Atwell, Sofie Grouws, Leila Johnson

Public Address: Jake Magner, Jenna Hartz

Expository Address: Alex Kane, Noah Lovelace, Clara Rooney

Storytelling: Sarah Pedlar, Ramsey Zilka

Prose: Izzy Kingsbury, Sophia Christman, Amanda Kavan

Poetry: Mikiah Krieg, Mya Numedahl

Review: Anja Madsen

Literary Program: Ellen Rooney

Solo Musical: Amber Hussain, Ally Bouska, Dylan Muhlbauer

Acting: Ada Lovelace, Tyler Irwin, Ella Grouws

After Dinner Speaking: Kendra Bigler, Gabe Anderson, Simon Mumford

Spontaneous Speaking: Anya Lovstuen, Landan Folkedahl

Radio News: Alysa Hanson, Peter Wilson

Receiving a Division II (good) rating:

Public Address: Morgan Moen

Spontaneous Speaking: Michael Njus

Literary Program: Rebecca Anderson, Grace Bachelder

Review: Madi Castro, Emily Carolan

Storytelling: Abby Milburn

Radio News: Sylvia Sandhorst

Poetry: Max Wilson

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grade 9

Receiving a Division I (excellent) rating:

Original Oratory: Kathryn Kelly

After Dinner: Anders Lovstuen, Nat Roberts

Prose: Simon Kutz

Literary Program: Alex McGohan

Improvisational Acting: Shlok Patel

Solo Musical: Libby Phillips

Radio: Simon Kutz

Acting: Kathryn Kelly

Receiving a Division II (good) rating:

Public Address: Chloe Sabin

Solo Musical: Gabriel Hiner

Prose: Skyler Cole

Expository Address: Shlok Patel

Poetry: Corina Timm