April 30, 2021

Decorah Community School District is committed to providing transparent, accurate data regarding cases of isolation and/or quarantining related to COVID-19 while maintaining the confidentiality of students and staff. On September 18, the Iowa Department of Public Health and Iowa Department of Education released guidance to school districts and local public health agencies detailing communication of COVID-19 related data.

The Iowa Department of Public Health guidance can be found here.

COVIDD Data 4 30 21

Summary Positive COVID-19 

  • Of approximately 290 Staff – Thirty-one (31) positive COVID-19, Thirty-one (31) recovered
  • Of approximately 1575 On-site students – One hundred-twenty-two (122) positive COVID-19, One hundred-twenty-two (122) recovered

County and District Trend Data

The graphs below reflect county and district data taken each Tuesday and Thursday since school began.

Winn CO and DCSD COVID Data 4 20 21

In his letter to families, Superintendent Mark Lane included information about Teacher Appreciation Week. Each year during Teacher Appreciation Week Decorah Schools recognizes individuals celebrating a milestone anniversary of employment with the District and retirees. Lane shared, “It is an honor to work with the dedicated and hard-working people who serve our students and community. This year we recognize the following people, and we thank them for their service to Decorah Schools.”

Our Five Year Employees

Elise Bennett, Carrie Lee Resource Teacher

Dennis Benzing, Transportation

Jill Boyd, High School Science / PLTW Teacher

Rachelle Branum, Elementary Art Teacher

Andy Carlson, High School Social Studies/SPED Teacher

Julie Goedken, School Nurse

Carrie Reed, Middle School Geography/American History Teacher

Dacia Schnuelle, Para Professional

Julie Strickler, Food Service

Brett Wilker, High School Math / PLTW Teacher

Our Ten Year Employees

Gene Adams, Middle School Science Teacher

Lynnette Borsheim, Para Professional

Brian Bullerman, Transportation

Kylie Butler, TLC

Jonathan Carlson, Middle School PE Teacher

Andrew Ellingsen, Elementary Music Teacher

Meg Numedahl, John Cline Reading Teacher

Isaac Sherman, Transportation

Gabe Twedt, 1st Grade Teacher

Robin Wilkins, Para Professional

Ervin Yahr Jr., Transportation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Our Fifteen Year Employees

Sarah Casterton, Middle School Science Teacher

Patrick Davis, HS Social Studies Teacher

Loren Foels, Transportation

Denise Gulrud, Administrative Assistant

Brigit Storhoff, Middle School Intervention Specialist

Jim Drilling, Maintenance

Our Twenty Year Employees

Vickie Bruening, West Side Administrative Assistant

Pam Dambek, 7th English Language Arts Teacher

Ryan Hogan, 8th English Language Arts Teacher

Ron Kregel, Maintenance

Jennifer Larson, Middle School Orchestra Teacher

Steve Larson, Career Technology Teacher

DeAnn Leeps, Para Professional

Allysen Lovstuen, High School Math/PLTW Teacher

Michelle Nesteby, Special Education Teacher

Kim Sheppard, High School Principal

Stephanie Steines, High School Math Teacher

Theresa Stortz, Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

Amy Suhr, 5th Grade Teacher

Our Twenty-Five Year Employees

Sarah Nowack, 5th Grade Teacher

Randy Syverson, Maintenance

Pat Trewin, High School Guidance Counselor

Our Thirty Year Employees

Ann Fjelstul, 4th Grade Teacher

Dawn Groth, Food Service

Our Retirees

Susanne Bruvold, Food Service (1995-2021)

Mike Carolan, Maintenance (2007-2021)

Ike Isenberger, Transportation (2006-2021)

Debra Prestsater, Para Professional (1992-2020)

Karen Stamper, Special Education Teacher (1997-2020)

In closing, Lane remarked, “One of my favorite things about working in education is the cyclical nature of our work. There is a beginning of the year and an end of the year, and then you get to do it again. I have followed that circle as a student, teacher, counselor, principal, and superintendent. Each year when May rolls around, I remind myself to finish strong.”

“I can’t think of a year when I have needed to hear that message more. I think all educators are feeling some exhaustion. As we enter Teacher Appreciation Week, I am grateful for every adult working in our schools. This has been a unique and challenging year, and our staff has risen to the challenge. I am confident we will finish strong, and I look forward to everyone having some time to refresh, recharge, and reflect. Then we will be ready to do it again for the 2021-2022 school year.”

DCSD Retirees 20 21
DCSD Retirees: Top row (l-r): Debra Prestsater, Para Professional (1992-2020), Ike Isenberger, Transportation (2006-2021), Karen Stamper, Special Education Teacher (1997-2020) Bottom row (l-r): Mike Carolan, Maintenance (2007-2021) Susanne Bruvold, Food Service (1995-2021)