When the JV and Varsity boys’ basketball teams from Decorah and Sumner-Fredericksburg met recently for the Achieve Scrimmage match, they accomplished much more than just the opportunity to compete against each other. Donations were collected for admission into the scrimmage, and they were split between the schools’ local food pantries. $200 was directed to the Decorah Community Food Pantry, and $200 went to the His Hands Food Pantry in Oran, Iowa.

The Decorah boys’ basketball team met with Matt Tapscott, director of the Decorah Community Food Pantry, to learn more about food insecurity in northeast Iowa and to present the $200 check.

BBB Food Pantry donation
Photo ID (l-r): Joe Stammeyer, Ben Bockman, Kasey Krauskopf, Matt Tapscott, Tate Johnson, Matt Bockman, Andrew Rhodes, Trey McCain, Coach Carlson