Decorah High School’s individual speech participants—coached by Molly Holkesvik, Gabriel Twedt, Carrie Kauffman, Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks, and Lyra McKnight—competed Saturday, March 11th, at Starmont School. Around 46 students participated in the contest. Out of Decorah’s 44 performances, 39 received I (excellent) ratings.

The directors shared, “Our students had an amazing day. Their poise, passion, and talent were on full display throughout the day. We couldn’t be happier with their performances.”

All-State results will be posted on the IHSSA website in the late afternoon of Monday, March 13th.

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grades 10-12

Receiving a I (excellent) rating:

Original Oratory: Becca Kane, Jenna Hartz, Diep Doan

Public Address: Grace Blikre, Alex McGohan

Expository Address: Max Wilson, Junior Battle

Storytelling: Margret Zook, Henry Weis, Ramsey Zilka

Prose: Danielle Rix, Bethany Hanson

Poetry: Kathryn Kelly, Ezra Vorvick, Brynn Storhoff

Review: Jensen Korsness, Elliana Brodbeck

Literature Program: Natalie Goodner, Hayley Stowe, Leslie Campbell

Solo Musical: Libby Phillips, Ella Grouws

Acting: Jake Magner, Ada Lovelace

After Dinner Speaking: Davis Coppola, Gabriel Hiner

Spontaneous Speaking: Corina Timm, Ethan Stravers

Radio News: Rebecca Anderson, Anders Lovstuen, Simon Kutz

Individual Improv: Joe Stammeyer, Liam Chamberlain

Receiving a II (good) rating:

Prose: Sophia Christman

After Dinner Speaking: Lily Sandhorst

Spontaneous Speaking: Michael Njus

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grade 9

Receiving a I (excellent) rating:

Original Oratory: June Breitenbach-Dirks

After Dinner: Caleb Johnson

Literature Program: Mikayla Hiner

Solo Musical: Mikayla Hiner, June Breitenbach-Dirks

Storytelling: Klara Kelly

Receiving a II (good) rating:

Prose: Ezra Harman-Wood

Acting: Caleb Johnson