Four Decorah Home School Assistance Program students participated in the National History Day district competition at NICC in Calmar on March 22. Two of these students’ projects qualified for the National History Day state competition in Des Moines on April 24th. 

This year’s theme is Frontiers in History: People, Places, and Ideas. State qualifiers and their projects include Eva Kriemelmeyer for her individual performance titled Marie Curie: Frontiers in Radiation and Ruth Kueny for her performance Elizebeth Friedman: Crossing New Frontiers in Coding. Also participating in the district competition were Noah Kriemelmeyer with an exhibit titled Claude Monet: Crossing Frontiers in Visual Art and Lucas Fankhauser with a documentary “All Safe, Ladies and Gentlemen, All Safe”: Elisha Otis and the Invention of the Safety Brake.

PHOTO ID (l-r): Ruth Kueny, Eva Kriemelmeyer, Lucas Fankhauser, and Noah Kriemelmeyer