May 10, 2021

Submitted by: Kaia Franzen, Decorah FFA Reporter

The 84th annual Decorah FFA Awards Program was held at the Decorah High School Auditorium on Thursday, March 26th, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. Approximately 125 guests were in attendance, including parents, family members, community sponsors, business leaders, and members. The Conduct of Meetings Team, consisting of President Creed Monroe, Vice-President Anders Lovstuen, Secretary Annika Brynsaas, Treasurer Joe Breiner, Reporter Kayleigh Smith, Sentinel Jeramiah Rediske, and Advisor Travis Nordheim officially opened the meeting.

Chapter President Steven Sexton welcomed everyone and introduced this year’s creed speaker Braunwyn Darrington to the stage where she presented the FFA creed.

Chapter Secretary Ashley Nierling and committee chairperson Sage Wedmann announced the top record books for each class: senior Shayla Smith, junior Dalton Hemesath, sophomore Morgan Moen, and freshman Jeremiah Rediske.

Chapter Assistant Dalton Hemesath then awarded the leadership awards to members who successfully served as leaders within our chapter by serving as an officer and/or a committee chairperson. Members receiving leadership pins for completing their first year of service include Kyleigh Batterson, Tyler Bullerman, Kaia Franzen, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Brayden Reiser, Chezny Ryant, Hannah Schnitzler, Sage Wedmann, and Addison Wemark. Members recognized for more than two years of leadership service to the chapter include Brittney Ehrie, Karter Einck, Grace Gerleman, Dalton Hemesath, Brendan Hunter, Tyler Irwin, Isabelle Kingsbury, Melia Kruse, Garrett Lovstuen, Ashley Nierling, Steven Sexton, and Shayla Smith.

Chapter Vice-President Garrett Lovstuen and Chapter Sentinel Tyler Bullerman presented the top five fruit sales awards after announcing the chapter had sold a total fruit sales amount of $56,273. The top five fruit sales awards were sponsored and presented by Fareway Stores, Inc. Members receiving fruit sales awards include 1st–Gavin Sims, 2nd– Brittney Ehrie, 3rd– Sheyenne Cornelison, 4th– Karter Einck, 5th–Sawyer Bulman, 6th– Steven Sexton, 7th– Braunwyn Darrington, 8th– Brody Courtney, 9th–Alex Zweibohmer, and 10th–Ciara Wedmann.

Chapter Treasurer Tyler Irwin and Chapter Secretary Ashley Nierling introduced the members who had perfect meeting attendance this past year. These members include Brooke Anfinson, Cade Averhoff, Kyleigh Batterson, Lacie Bjergum, Annika Brynsaas, Olivia Christopher, Brody Courtney, Camren Darling, Braunwyn Darrington, Bryss Ehrie, Brittney Ehrie, Karter Einck, Dylan Elsbernd, Kaia Franzen, Grace Gerleman, Dahlyn Headington, Dalton Hemesath, Brendan Hunter, Ryan Johanningmeier, David Kreitzer, Melia Kruse, Anders Lovstuen, Garrett Lovstuen, Maggie Lovstuen, Landen Marlow, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Chloe Reiser, Chezny Ryant, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Steven Sexton, Gavin Sims, Kayleigh Smith, Shayla Smith, Emmit Stemper, Gavin Stortz, Sage Wedmann, Addison Wemark, Kolton Werges, Mara Wyatt, Olivia Wyatt, Dalton Zidlicky, and Alex Zweibohmer.

Brittney Ehrie and Hannah Schnitzler presented scholarship pins and certificates to all of the Decorah FFA members who made the honor roll this past year. Members receiving this honor and a pin include Brooke Anfinson, Cade Averhoff, Joe Breiner, Annika Brynsaas, Tyler Bullerman, Olivia Christopher, Brody Courtney, Braunwyn Darrington, Jade Frye, Dahlyn Headington, Alex Irwin, Anders Lovstuen, Rachel Mikkelson, Creed Monroe, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Makenzie Schnitzler, Claire Schutte, Kayleigh Smith, Gavin Stortz, Grace Stortz, Kiah Tweten, Ciara Wedmann, Mara Wyatt, and Olivia Wyatt.

Members receiving a scholarship certificate for being on the honor roll multiple years include Brody Anfinson, Lexi Averhoff, Kyleigh Batterson, Lacie Bjergum, Sawyer Bulman, Sheyenne Cornelison, Karter Einck, Dylan Elsbernd, Kaia Franzen, Grace Gerleman, Dalton Hemesath, Brendan Hunter, Tyler Irwin, Ryan Johanningmeier, Isabelle Kingsbury, David Kreitzer, Melia Kruse, Maggie Lovstuen, Morgan Moen, Ashley Nierling, Brian Phillips, Brayden Reiser, Chloe Reiser, Chezny Ryant, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Steven Sexton, Gavin Sims, Shayla Smith, Emmit Stemper, Gavin Stortz, Sage Wedmann, Addison Wemark, and Alex Zweibohmer.

Chapter Recruitment Committee Chairperson Kaia Franzen presented the Academic Achievement Awards. The senior academic awards are awarded from the Iowa FFA Association and are presented to the seniors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5. Recipients who received a certificate and a medal include Tyler Irwin, Ashley Nierling, and Shayla Smith.

Brayden Reiser presented this year’s $200 Senior Scholarship award to Shayla Smith and the 2020 senior scholarship to Libby Rolfs.

Karter Einck, Grace Gerleman, and Brendan Hunter announced this year’s proficiency award winners. This year’s chapter proficiency winners include the following: Grace Gerleman (Agriculture Education), Justin Nierling (Agriculture Services), Dalton Zidlicky (Beef Production-Entrepreneurship), Shayla Smith (Beef Production-Placement), Garrett Lovstuen (Dairy Production-Entrepreneurship), Dalton Hemesath (Dairy Production-Placement), Sage Wedmann (Equine Science), Alex Zweibohmer (Food Science and Technology), Tyler Bullerman (Goat Production), Karter Einck (Poultry Production), Steven Sexton (Specialty Animal Production), Morgan Moen (Swine Production-Placement), and Kaia Franzen (Veterinary Science).

Steven Sexton, Chapter President, presented this year’s Kenneth Neshiem Memorial Scholarship Award to Shayla Smith and the 2020 Kenneth Neshiem Memorial Scholarship to Brooke Courtney.

The Decorah FFA Letter was presented by Career Success Committee Chairperson Rachel Mikkelson and Healthy Lifestyles Committee Chairperson Chezny Ryant. In order to letter, members must be an active member in FFA and the community. This year’s letter winners are Kyleigh Batterson, Sheyenne Cornelison, Brittney Ehrie, Karter Einck, Kaia Franzen, Grace Gerleman, Dalton Hemesath, Tyler Irwin, Melia Kruse, Garrett Lovstuen, Morgan Moen, Ashley Nierling, Chezny Ryant, Hannah Schnitzler, Steven Sexton, Gavin Sims, Shayla Smith, Sage Wedmann, and Alex Zweibohmer.

Kyleigh Batterson and Rachel Mikkelson announced this year’s star FFA awards. This year’s star award recipients include star greenhand–Braunwyn Darrington, star chapter farmer award–Garrett Lovstuen, star agribusiness award–Steven Sexton, and the star chapter placement award–Dalton Hemesath. The FFA star awards were sponsored by the Winneshiek County Farm Bureau and were presented by Farm Bureau Representative Nicholas Wilz.

Chapter Support Committee Chairperson Isabelle Kingsbury and Chapter Reporter Shayla Smith presented the star FFA Booster Awards to Chris and Stacey Irwin, Chad and Sarah Smith, Bill and Lisa Bullerman, and Matt and Mary Hemesath.

Melia Kruse and Morgan Moen recognized the 2020 and 2021 Friends of Agriculture Award Recipients. The 2020 Friends of Agriculture award recipients include Kenzie Hovden, Marley Milligan, and Jordan Tietz. The 2021 Friends of Agriculture award recipients include Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee and Andy Darrington.

The 2020-21 Chapter officers then presented the Honorary FFA Degree. The Honorary membership is for any farmers, school superintendents, principals, members of boards of education, chapter advisors, teachers, staff members in agricultural education, business people, and others who are helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA and who have rendered outstanding service. They may be elected to honorary membership by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting or convention. This year’s recipients were Steve and Ellen Sexton.

Dalton Hemesath, Chapter Assistant, started the closing ceremonies by thanking the senior class for their hard work and dedication over the past year. This year’s 2021 Decorah FFA seniors who were recognized include Lexi Averhoff, Tyler Bullerman, Sawyer Bulman, Sheyenne Cornelison, Carter Falck, Jade Frye, Tyler Irwin, Isabelle Kingsbury, Garrett Lovstuen, Ashley Nierling, Brian Phillips, Makenzie Schnitzler, Steven Sexton, Shayla Smith, and Alex Zweibohmer. Following Hemesath’s speech, a “Year in Review” video was shown, which highlighted the chapter’s achievements.

The new officer installation took place before the banquet was adjourned. The 2020-21 officers installed the following 2021-22 officers: President Steven Sexton to Dalton Hemesath, Vice President Garrett Lovstuen to Grace Gerleman, Secretary Ashley Nierling to Karter Einck, Treasurer Tyler Irwin to Sage Wedmann, Reporter Shayla Smith to Kaia Franzen, Sentinel Tyler Bullerman to Brendan Hunter, and Assistant Officer Dalton Hemesath to David Kreitzer.  The officer team performed the closing ceremonies and concluded the banquet with the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.25.2021 Best Record Book Awards
Top Record Books Sponsored by Viking State Bank. 
Front Row (l-r): Morgan Moen, Jeremiah Rediske, and Rhonda Schnitzler
Second Row (l-r): Shayla Smith and Dalton Hemesath
3.25.2021 Star Awards
Decorah FFA Star Awards were presented and sponsored by the Winneshiek County Farm Bureau. Award winners include (l-r) Dalton Hemesath, Steven Sexton, Garrett Lovstuen, and Braunwyn Darrington.
3.25.2021 Top 5 Fruit Sales with Fareway
2021 FFA Fruit Sales Top 5 Sponsored by Fareway Stores Inc. 
Front row (l-r): Gavin Sims, Brittney Ehrie, Sheyenne Cornelison, and Fareway of Decorah Manager Dave Noack
Second row (l-r): Sawyer Bulman and Karter Einck

3.25.2021 Friends of Ag
2020-2021 Friends of Agriculture Award:
Front row (l-r): Kenzie Hovden and Jordan Tietz
Second row (l-r): Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee member Nicholas Wilz, Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jessica Rilling, and Andy Darrington
3.25.2021 Senior scholarship
Senior FFA Scholarship Recipient & Neshiem FFA Scholarship Recipient Shayla Smith
3.25.2021 Honorary Chapter Award
Honorary FFA Degree: Ellen and Steve Sexton
3.25.2021 2021 Star Boosters
Star Alumni/Booster Awards
Front row (l-r): Sarah Smith, Chad Smith
Second row (l-r): Lisa Bullerman, Bill Bullerman 
Back row (l-r): Matt Hemesath, Mary Hemesath, Stacey Irwin, Chris Irwin