By: Kaia Franzen, Decorah FFA Reporter

November 24, 2021

The Decorah High School FFA and Community Club have organized the most successful food drive to date, with students and staff donating over $3,332.00 to the Decorah Community Food Pantry, doubling the amount given last year. During their homeroom periods, students and staff were encouraged to donate money, knowing the food pantry would use their purchasing power in the ways most needed. Some faculty members matched the donations of their students, and other faculty and staff not associated with a homeroom donated as well. Given the forthcoming holiday season, the timing of the donations is extremely valued. 

“It’s wonderful to have such a generous school that gives back to our community,” said Community Club member Ellie Luzum. FFA committee chair member Kyleigh Batterson shared, “I’m so proud of our school for coming together to raise money for the food pantry. It was awesome to see how generous and willing our student body and faculty were to help out, especially because the need has never been so great.”

Food Drive 2021
Decorah FFA and Community Club members responsible for this year’s annual Food Drive Collection:
Front row (l-r): Anya Lovstuen, Grace Gerleman, Kaia Franzen, and Kyleigh Batterson
Back row (l-r): Kaya Hines, Mara Holland, Sage Wedmann,  Mikiah Krieg, and Rachel Mikkelson