November 17, 2021

Decorah Middle School students and staff will be showing off their art at Impact Coffee from November 22nd to December 3rd. DMS art teacher Amy Courtney asked students and staff to submit artwork ranging from drawings, paintings, sculptures, and digital designs. The work could be from art class or created outside of school.

Courtney shared this about the showcase: “At first glance you might feel like the student and staff artwork displayed is a mismatched art collection. My hope is this showcase can provide the community with genuine samples that reflect why we choose to create. You will notice each piece of artwork includes a reason why. It might be the artist finds satisfaction in accomplishing a new technique, feels calm when working through a design, or maybe creating provides them a chance to connect with someone they care for. Please consider these reflections as you enjoy the exciting artwork from Decorah Middle School.”

“I am thankful for the support of Impact Coffee, Hotel Winneshiek, Copyland, and the amazing individuals from the Decorah Community School District who lent a hand, Courtney continued. “I am also grateful for a tremendous group of Community Art students who created work and helped build this showcase. These students developed their own creative process as well as explored the work of local community members.”

Art Showcase
Photo ID (l-r): Noah Vilardo, Kyra O’Hara, and Abby Larson prepare work for the showcase.
Community Art students explored reasoning for why individuals create.  One reason students generated work was to share values and inspire people in their community.  This mural piece was created by Isabelle Alley.
Linoleum print and digital editing by Alina Tallier.