By: Jeramiah Rediske, Decorah FFA Reporter

The 86th annual Decorah FFA Awards Program was held at the Decorah High School auditorium on Thursday, March 23rd at 7:00 p.m. About 250 guests were in attendance, including parents, family members, community sponsors, business leaders, and FFA members. The Conduct of Meetings Team, consisting of President Lyla Lovstuen, Vice-President Rylee Averhoff, Secretary Karlie Einck, Treasurer Thea Zidlicky, Reporter Jerikah Dodd, Sentinel Annika Schmelzer, and Advisor Ms. Bruvold officially opened the awards program.

Chapter President Creed Monroe welcomed everyone in attendance. The 2022-2023 officer team then presented Greenhand FFA Degrees and Chapter FFA degrees to the recipients, and Eden Scheidel presented the FFA Creed. This year’s twenty-four Greenhand FFA Degree recipients include Rylee Averhoff, Ryan Bigler, Mason Brumm, Henry Brynsaas, Karlee Bullerman, Jerikah Dodd, Karlie Einck, Nick Farley, Ayden Guevara, Jacob Hageman, Lauren Holthaus, Kaylee Larson, Raleigh Lensing, Lyla Lovstuen, Riann Oberbroeckling, Eden Scheidel, Annika Schmelzer, Tommy Sexton, Mitchell Stemper, Kaden Tarwater, Jake Teslow, Gracie Thompson, Kamryn Werges, and Thea Zidlicky

The 2022-2023 Chapter FFA Degree recipients include Caiden Bruns, Kiele Eberling, Logan Frye, Kaid Headington, Austin Helgerson, Blaine Leidahl, Rashell Lippe, Hunter Quandahl, Elora Schnitzler, Jordan Sims, and Derek Tieskoetter.

Brody Courtney and Travis Nordheim then awarded the leadership awards to members who successfully served as leaders within the chapter by serving as an officer and/or a committee chairperson. Members receiving leadership pins for completing their first year of service include Brooke Anfinson, Annika Brynsaas, Brody Courtney, Austin Helgerson, Anders Lovstuen, Creed Monroe, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Derek Tieskoetter, Ciara Wedmann, Olivia Wyatt, and Mara Wyatt.

Members recognized for more than two years of leadership service to the chapter include Cade Averhoff, Kyleigh Batterson, Braunwyn Darrington, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Chezny Ryant, Hannah Schnitzler, and Addison Wemark.

2023 Decorah FFA Best Record Book Winners include Jeramiah Rediske, Jordan Sims, Raleigh Lensing, and Morgan Moen.

Addison Wemark and Kyleigh Batterson introduced the members who had perfect meeting attendance this past year. These members include Brooke Anfinson, Kyleigh Batterson, Ryan Bigler, Caiden Bruns, Annika Brynsaas, Henry Brynsaas, Karlee Bullerman, Brody Courtney, Camren Darling, Nick Farley, Blaine Leidahl, Lyla Lovstuen, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Eden Scheidel, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Jordan Sims, Derek Tieskoetter, Addison Wemark, Kolton Werges, and Dalton Zidlicky.

Anders Lovstuen and Morgan Moen presented scholarship pins and certificates to all of the Decorah FFA members who made the honor roll this past year. Members receiving this honor and a pin include Ryan Bigler, Henry Brynsaas, Karlee Bullerman, Jerikah Dodd, Nick Farley, Kaylee Larson, Raleigh Lensing, Lyla Lovstuen, Riann Oberbroeckling, Eden Scheidel, Annika Schmelzer, Tommy Sexton, Mitchell Stemper, Jake Teslow, Derek Tieskoetter, Kamryn Werges, and Thea Zidlicky.

Members receiving a scholarship certificate for being on the honor roll multiple years include Brooke Anfinson, Cade Averhoff, Kyleigh Batterson, Annika Brynsaas, Austin Helgerson, Alex Irwin, Anders Lovstuen, Maggie Lovstuen, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, Justin Nierling, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Chezny Ryant, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Elora Schnitzler, Jordan Sims, Kayleigh Smith, Ciara Wedmann, Addison Wemark, and Dalton Zidlicky.

Annika Brynsaas presented the Academic Achievement Awards. The senior academic awards are awarded from the Iowa FFA Association and are presented to the seniors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5. Recipients who received a certificate and a medal include Kyleigh Batterson, Maggie Lovstuen, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, and Addison Wemark.

Hannah Schnitzer and Rachel Mikkelson recognized this year’s members of the month. Members selected to be honored for their FFA accomplishments include Rachel Mikkelson, Ciara Wedmann, Morgan Moen, Eden Scheidel, and Chezny Ryant.

Creed Monroe and Jeramiah Rediske presented the top five fruit sales awards after announcing the chapter had sold a total fruit sales amount of $54,772. Members receiving fruit sales awards include 1st – Jordan Sims, 2nd – Braunwyn Darrington, 3rd – Morgan Moen, 4th – Karlie Einck, 5th – Karlee Bullerman, 6th – Maggie Lovstuen, 7th – Thea Zidlicky, 8th – Henry Brynsaas, 9th – Derek Tieskoetter, and 10th – Hunter Quandahl.

The Decorah FFA Letter was presented by Addison Wemark and Travis Nordheim. In order to letter, members must be an active member in FFA and the community. This year twenty-one members lettered in FFA. These members include Brooke Anfinson, Kyleigh Batterson, Annika Brynsaas, Brody Courtney, Alex Irwin, Anders Lovstuen, Maggie Lovstuen, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, Justin Nierling, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Chezny Ryant, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Ciara Wedmann, Addison Wemark, Mara Wyatt, Olivia Wyatt, and Dalton Zidlicky.

Each FFA member has a requirement to keep records on either a job placement, agribusiness ownership, or a livestock or crop project. Members then submit their record books for evaluation. Braunwyn Darrington announced the top record books for each class. They were senior Morgan Moen, junior Jeramiah Rediske, sophomore Jordan Sims, and freshman Raleigh Lensing.

Derek Tieskoetter and Morgan Moen presented the Star Greenhand award to Karlie Einck. They also presented the Star Chapter Farmer award to Addison Wemark, the Star Agribusiness award to Justin Nierling, and the Star Chapter Placement award to Morgan Moen.

Kyleigh Batterson congratulated this year’s proficiency award winners, which include the following: Annika Brynsaas (Agriculture Sales Placement), Justin Nierling (Agriculture Services), Jeramiah Rediske (Beef Production-Entrepreneurship), Anders Lovstuen (Dairy Production Entrepreneurship), Chezny Ryant (Dairy Production-Placement), Ciara Wedmann (Equine Science), Addison Wemark (Swine Production-Entrepreneurship), and Morgan Moen (Swine Production-Placement).

Anders Lovstuen and Brody Courtney thanked the senior class for their leadership over the years and congratulated them on all their accomplishments. This year’s 2023 Decorah FFA seniors who were recognized include Kyleigh Batterson, Alex Irwin, Maggie Lovstuen, Rachel Mikkelson, Morgan Moen, Justin Nierling, Chezny Ryant, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Addison Wemark, and Dalton Zidlicky.

Annika Brynsaas presented the Star FFA Alumni and Supporters awards to Blake Courtney, Kenzie Hovden, and Isaac Luzum.  Brody Courtney, Creed Monroe, and Kyleigh Batterson then recognized our 2023 Friends of Agriculture Award Recipients. The 2023 Friends of Agriculture award recipients include Mr. Brad Hurst and Mrs. Dana Hogan.

The 2022-2023 Chapter officers then presented the Honorary FFA Degree. The Honorary membership is for any farmers, school superintendents, principals, members of boards of education, chapter advisors, teachers, staff members in agricultural education, business people, and others who are helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA and who have rendered outstanding service. They may be elected to honorary membership by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting or convention. This year’s recipients were Mrs. Lori Crum and Mrs. Jackie Reckward.

Chapter Advisor Joni Bruvold thanked all the volunteers and individuals who have supported the chapter throughout the last year. Following Ms. Bruvold’s speech, the newly formed Decorah FFA Alumni and Supporters officer team came to the stage to provide an update. There also was a live auction to raise money for Decorah FFA Senior Scholarships through the Decorah FFA Alumni and Supporters.

After watching the year in review video, introduced by Kyleigh Batterson, the new officer installation took place before the banquet was adjourned. The 2022-2023 officers installed the following 2023-24 officers: President – Creed Monroe to Creed Monroe, Vice President – Brody Courtney to Brody Courtney, Secretary – Addison Wemark to Annika Brynsaas, Treasurer – Anders Lovstuen to Anders Lovstuen, Reporter – Morgan Moen to Jeramiah Rediske, Sentinel – Hannah Schnitzler to Travis Nordheim, and Assistant Officer – Kyleigh Batterson to Derek Tieskoetter. The officer team performed the closing ceremonies and concluded the banquet with the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.23.23 Awards Program Best Record Books
2023 Decorah FFA Best Record Book Winners (l-r): Jeramiah Rediske, Jordan Sims, and Morgan Moen. Absent from photo is Raleigh Lensing. 
3.23.23 Awards Program Friends of Ag Hogan and Hurst
2023 Decorah FFA Friends of FFA Award Recipients (l-r): Mrs. Dana Hogan and Mr. Brad Hurst

3.23.23 Awards Program Honorary FFA Degree Reckward and Crum
2023 Decorah FFA Honorary FFA Degree Recipients (l-r): Mrs. Jackie Reckward and Mrs. Lori Crum 
3.23.23 Awards Program FFA Letter
2023 Decorah FFA Letter Recipients:
Row 1 (l-r): Anders Lovstuen, Morgan Moen, Ciara Wedmann, Chezny Ryant
Row 2 (l-r): Jeramiah Rediske, Rachel Mikkelson, Olivia Wyatt, Addison Wemark, Mara Wyatt
Row 3 (l-r): Maggie Lovstuen, Kyleigh Batterson, Annika Brynsaas, Creed Monroe, Justin Nierling, Alex Irwin
Row 4 (l-r): Dalton Zidlicky, Brooke Anfinson, Carter Schmelzer, Hannah Schnitzler, Brody Courtney, Travis Nordheim
3.23.23 Awards Program Academic Achievement Award
2023 FFA Academic Achievement Recipients:Row 1 (l-r): Rachel Mikkelson, Maggie Lovstuen, Kyleigh Batterson
Row 2 (l-r): Addison Wemark, Hannah Schnitzler, Carter Schmelzer, Morgan Moen
3.23.23 Awards Program STAR FFA Alumni and Supporters
2023 Decorah FFA Star FFA Alumni and Supporters Recipients (l-r): Blake Courtney, Kenzie Hovden, Isaac Luzum
3.23.23 Awards Program STAR awards
2023 Decorah FFA Star Award Recipients (l-r): Justin Nierling, Karlie Einck, Addison Wemark, and Morgan Moen 
3.23.23 Awards Program Fruit Sales Top 5
3.23.23 Awards Program Proficiency Awards
2022-2023 Decorah FFA Proficiency Award Winners
Row 1 (l-r): Morgan Moen, Anders Lovstuen, Chezny Ryant
Row 2 (l-r): Annika Brynsaas, Justin Nierling, Jeramiah Rediske, Addison Wemark, Ciara Wedmann 
3.23.23 Awards Program Retiring Officers 2022 2023
The 2022-2023 Decorah FFA Officer Team:
Row 1 (l-r): Anders Lovstuen, Treasurer; Brody Courtney, Vice President; Creed Monroe, President
Row 2 (l-r): Kyleigh Batterson, Assistant; Morgan Moen, Reporter; Hannah Schnitzler, Sentinel; Addison Wemark, Secretary
3.23.23 Awards Program New Officers 2023 2024
The 2023-2024 Decorah FFA Officer Team:
Row 1 (l-r): Anders Lovstuen, Treasurer; Derek Tieskoetter, Assistant; Jeramiah Rediske, Reporter
Row 2 (l-r): Creed Monroe, President; Brody Courtney, Vice President; Annika Brynsaas, Secretary; Travis Nordheim, Sentinel