On March 22, several 8th grade Decorah Middle School students participated in the regional National History Day (NHD) competition held at NICC.  Twelve students were recognized as finalists in the competition and will participate at the NHD state meet in Des Moines on April 24th. This year’s theme was Frontiers in History: People, Places, and Ideas.

State Qualifiers and their projects include the following:

Individual Performance

1st Place:Jillian Volz: Martha Matilda Harper: A Frontier in Franchising

Individual Documentary

1st Place:Noah Potvin: Star Trek: Frontier in Diversity

Group Documentary

1st Place:Nina Sessions and Kaelyn Kuhn: Julia Child

Individual Exhibit

1st Place:Jayden Lundtvedt: Valentina Tereshkova: Frontier in Female Cosmonautics

3rd Place:Thatcher Brown: Froelich Tractor: Frontier in Modern Tractors

Special Award­–Iowa History: Thatcher Brown

Individual Websites:

1st Place:Naomi Kutz:Jane Bolin: Leading the Frontier for Equality in Law

2nd Place:Olivia Rissman:Henrietta Lacks and the HeLa Cells: The Microscopic Frontiers of Modern Science

3rd Place:Grace Stockman: Katherine Johnson: Mathematical Trailblazer

Individual Paper:

1st Place:Olivia Volkmann:Running Past Frontiers: Roberta “Bobbi” Gibb’s 1966 Boston Marathon

2nd Place:Myla Leitz: Loving vs. Virginia

3rd Place:Emma Cline:Newsboy Strike of 1899

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NHD State Qualifiers (l-r): Thatcher Brown, Noah Potvin, Olivia Rissman, Jillian Volz, Naomi Kutz, Jayden Lundtvedt, Emma Cline, Myla Leitz, Olivia Volkmann, Grace Stockman, Kaelyn Kuhn, and Nina Sessions
IMG 0997
All of the 8th graders who participated in NHD Regional competition.