Decorah Elementary Schools recently hosted a Viking Pride Family event.  Families enjoyed a complimentary dinner followed by a fun playdate for students and shared learning opportunities for the adults. 

Elementary school counselors, Positive Behavior Teachers, and staff from Keystone AEA led sessions on anxiety, emotional regulation, healthy habits, growth mindset, belonging, and social emotional skills. 

This event was funded by the Therapeutic Classroom Grant to support family and community members in raising awareness and understanding of mental health concerns, social emotional learning, and how to support children and youth. Event organizer Shanna Putnam Dibble shared, “Our therapeutic classrooms, supports, and events such as these assist our students and families in navigating the complexities of not only school–but life in general–as we foster the well-being of our students. And that is what Viking Pride is all about.”

Mrs. Hahn

Elementary Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Hahn, leads a session on Emotional Regulation: Connections from School to Home