Decorah High School’s individual speech participants—coached by Molly Holkesvik, Gabriel Twedt, Carrie Kauffman, Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks, and Lyra McKnight—competed Saturday, February 26th, at Dysart Middle School. Around 50 students participated in the contest.  Out of Decorah’s 59 performances, 52 received I (excellent) ratings.

The directors shared, “We are excited for our students to keep showing their great performance and speaking skills at State Contest in two weeks. We are proud of everything they are bringing to the table.”

Individual Speech State Contest will be held at Clear Lake High School on Saturday, March 12th.

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grades 10-12 Receiving a I (excellent) rating:

Original Oratory: Nat Roberts, Evon Leitz, Nadia Johnson

Public Address: Jenna Hartz, Anya Lovstuen, Kathryn Kelly

Expository Address: Ellen Rooney, Annika Franzen, Gabriel Hiner

Storytelling: Hayley Stowe, Nadia Johnson, Ramsey Zilka

Prose: Danielle Rix, Sophia Christman, Wyatt Hackman

Poetry: Jensen Korsness, Kathryn Kelly, Koryn Bakken

Review: Braunwyn Darrington

Literary Program: Alex McGohan, Grace Bachelder

Solo Musical: Dylan Muhlbauer, Ella Grouws, Mikiah Krieg

Acting: Ada Lovelace, Ellen Rooney, Alex Kane

After Dinner Speaking: Joe Stammeyer, Landan Folkedahl

Spontaneous Speaking: Anya Lovstuen, Landan Folkedahl, Michael Njus

Radio News: Simon Kutz, Rebecca Anderson

Individual Improv: Nat Roberts, Jake Magner, Cori Timm

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grades 10-12 Receiving a II (good) rating:

Literary Program: Samantha Reilly

Review: Lexi Walker

After Dinner: Madi Castro

Radio News: Junior Battle

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grade 9 Receiving a I (excellent) rating:

Original Oratory: Natalie Goodner, Gwen Thompson

After Dinner: Ezra Vorvick, Davis Coppola

Prose: Evynne Downing, Margret Zook

Literary Program: Alex McGohan

Improvisational Acting: Jack Sovern

Solo Musical: Gwen Thompson

Radio: Karmyn Bakken

Public Address: Grace Blikre, Andy Kruger

Poetry: Elsa Johnson

Expository Address: Elliana Brodbeck

Storytelling: Margret Zook

Review: Grace Blikre

Results for Decorah Speech Performers Grade 9 Receiving a II (good) rating:

Acting: Elliana Brodbeck, Becca Kane

Expository Address: Klaara Short