Submitted by: Morgan Moen, Decorah FFA Reporter

April 19, 2022

The Decorah FFA competed at the 94th Iowa FFA Leadership Conference on April 11th and 12th at Iowa State University in Ames, participating in six contests. Twenty-four Decorah FFA members attended this year’s conference, including Kyleigh Batterson, Annika Brynsaas, Brody Courtney, Kiele Eberling, Brittney Ehrie, Dylan Elsbernd, Kaia Franzen, Grace Gerleman, Brendan Hunter, David Kreitzer, Melia Kruse, Rashell Lippe, Anders Lovstuen, Morgan Moen, Creed Monroe, Travis Nordheim, Jeramiah Rediske, Hannah Schnitzler, Kayleigh Smith, Sage Wedmann, Ciara Wedmann, Addison Wemark, Mara Wyatt, and Olivia Wyatt.

Results on State Qualifying Events

Sage Wedmann, the 2021-2022 treasurer of the Decorah FFA, submitted the Decorah FFA treasurer’s book for the state evaluation. The book received a gold rating and was awarded as the state runner up. Wedmann was recognized on the main stage and was presented with a plaque.

Karter Einck and Grace Gerleman submitted the Decorah FFA secretary’s book. The book received a gold rating and placed 3rd in the state evaluation. Gerleman accepted the plaque on the main stage during the first general session.

The Parliamentary Procedure Team consisting of Annika Brynsaas, Brody Courtney, Anders Lovstuen, Creed Monroe, and Kayleigh Smith demonstrated the proper use of the gavel and following parliamentary procedure. The team received a silver rating.

State Ag Skills Career Development Event

The Farm Business Management team­–Dylan Elsbernd, Brendan Hunter, David Kreitzer, and Sage Wedmann–received a gold rating. This career development event is designed to provide the students an opportunity to display their agricultural knowledge and skills in the area of farm management.

The FFA Greenhand Quiz was taken by Kiele Eberling and Rashell Lippe. This is a quiz based on members showcasing their knowledge about the FFA organizations. Eberling received a gold rating, and Lippe received a bronze rating.

The poultry evaluation team, consisting of Travis Nordheim, Ciara Wedmann, Mara Wyatt, and Olivia Wyatt, received a silver rating. The team evaluated different classes of poultry products and took a poultry management examination.

The Decorah FFA also had members who earned individual awards and degrees. The Iowa FFA Degree is the highest honor a member may receive from the state. FFA participants who qualify have completed the three-circle model’s minimum participation requirements: SAE, FFA, and Classroom/Laboratory. This year three members of the Decorah FFA received this honor: Brittney Ehrie, Melia Kruse, and Morgan Moen.

Proficiency Awards

Decorah FFA had two finalists for their proficiency this year. Dalton Hemesath placed second in Dairy Production Placement, and Kaia Franzen placed second in Veterinary Science. Hemesath’s proficiency was recognized during the second general session, and his plaque was accepted on his behalf by Decorah FFA member Brody Courtney. Franzen was recognized during the third general session for her proficiency. These awards are based on supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs) and the skills developed through these experiences.

Additional Contest Results and Activities

The Decorah FFA Chapter received 14th place, earning a gold rating and qualifying for nationals, in the National Chapter Award Program. The National Chapter Award program is a contest designed to encourage chapters to plan activities and carry them out with a successful program. Chapters are recognized for outstanding achievement in the areas of student development, chapter development, and community development. Grace Gerleman accepted the award on behalf of the chapter during the second general session.

Members also took part in a variety of events that took place throughout the Iowa FFA Leadership Conference, and they attended the career show. Morgan Moen played the oboe in the state FFA band. Creed Monroe and Addison Wemark served as the chapter’s delegates and attended the state FFA association’s business session. 

4.10.22 4.12.22 SLC Decorah FFA
Row 1 (l-r): Melia Kruse, Annika Brynsaas, Rashell Lippe, Brody Courtney, Jeramiah Rediske, Creed Monroe, Anders Lovstuen
Row 2 (l-r): Brittney Ehrie, Morgan Moen, Ciara Wedmann, Olivia Wyatt, Mara Wyatt, Kyleigh Batterson, Addison Wemark, Kiele Eberling
Row 3 (l-r): Dylan Elsbernd, David Kreitzer, Brendan Hunter, Sage Wedmann, Kaia Franzen, Grace Gerleman, Hannah Schnitzler, Travis Nordheim, Kayleigh Smith
4.10.22 4.12.22 SLC Decorah FFA Treasurers Book Wedmann with plaque 2
Sage Wedmann received 2nd Place at state in the FFA treasurer’s book competition.
4.10.22 4.12.22 SLC Decorah FFA Secretarys Book Einck and Gerleman 2nd place Gerleman with plaque
Grace Gerleman (pictured) and Karter Einck received 3rd place at state for the FFA secretary’s book. 
4.10.22 4.12.22 SLC Decorah FFA Iowa FFA Degree Moen Ehrie Kruse
Morgan Moen, Brittney Ehrie, and Melia Kruse (left to right) received their Iowa FFA Degrees at the State FFA Leadership Conference in Ames.
4.10.22 4.12.22 SLC Decorah FFA Franzen 2nd place vet science proficiency
Kaia Franzen received 2nd place at state in the veterinary science proficiency.
2nd Place Dairy Production Placement Proficiency Dalton Hemesath B. Courtney accepting 2
Dalton Hemesath received 2nd place at state in the dairy production placement proficiency. Brody Courtney accepted the plaque on stage at the state FFA leadership conference on Dalton’s behalf.

Dalton Hemesath received 2nd place at state in the dairy production placement proficiency.  (See photo above)