March 29, 2022

The Decorah High School Music Department participated in the Iowa High School Music Association Solo and Small Ensemble Music Festival on Saturday, March 26 at Decorah High School. Other schools participating were Crestwood High School, Independence High School, Oelwein High School, and Waverly-Shell Rock High School. This is an adjudicated festival in which students receive one of five division ratings for their performance: Division I “Superior” rating, Division II “Excellent” rating, Division III “Good” rating, Division IV “Fair” rating, or Division V “Poor” rating. The ratings are based on a point scale.

It was a successful day for the DHS Music Department. Each judge is allowed to present one “Outstanding Performance” award for the performance they deem to be the most superior of the day. There were six judges overall in the vocal, orchestra, and band categories, with three of them awarding this prestigious honor to DHS musicians. Students were accompanied on piano by Mary Beth Bouska, Chris Hadley, Nicholas Shaneyfelt, Denise Wegge, Anne Wilson, Jana Vorvick, Xiao Hu, and Miko Kominami.

Those receiving “Outstanding Performance” awards includeElias Vorvick, Euphonium; Madrigal Singers; and Simon Kutz, Cello. 

Those receiving a Perfect Score include Elias Vorvick, Euphonium, and CC Junior Quartet–Michael Njus, Gareth Sweet, Jake Magner, and Max Wilson.

Division I – Superior Ratings:

Solos (total: 46)

Flute: Jenna Hartz; Clarinet: Rebecca Anderson; Alto Saxophone: Brenna Parker; Trombone: Elias Vorvick; Bass Trombone: Elias Vorvick; Euphonium: Ruby Sullivan, Elias Vorvick; Tuba: Mairi Sessions, Elias Vorvick; Snare Drum: Alex McGohan; Timpani: Alex McGohan, Mara Pankow; Mallets: Evan Bryce, Natalie Goodner, Alex McGohan; Mixed Percussion: Aidan Nalean-Carlson, Kassidy Steines;Piano: Gabriel Hiner;Violin: Elsa Johnson, Gabriel Hiner, Arlo Hayes, Adrian Huang; Viola: Cedrik Beiwel; Cello: Simon Kutz, Ada Lovelace; Bass: Ezra Vorvick, Sally Laybourn; Soprano: Kealy Hines, Elayna Hook, Sally Laybourn, Ada Lovelace, Gwen Thompson; Alto: Ella Grouws, Jenna Hartz, Alex Kane, Haley Stowe, Rorie Wiedow; Tenor: Caleb Krieg, Dylan Muhlbauer, Michael Njus, Libby Phillips, Haywood Stowe, Gareth Sweet; and Bass: Gabriel Hiner, Jake Magner, Daniel Skrade.

Ensembles (total: 33)

WE Woodwind Choir, WE Brass Choir, Percussion Choir, Trombone Duet: E. Vorvick & M. Wilson; Tuba Duet: E. Vorvick & Sessions; Percussion Quartet (McGohan, Nalean-Carlson, M. Pankow, Kassidy Steines); Percussion Octet (Bryce, L. Chamberlain, Goodner, Hines, McGohan, Njus, M. Pankow, Kassidy Steines); String Duets: E. Johnson & Thompson, R. Zilka & Stahl, Grouws & Christman, Huang & Hayes, Clement & Dlhy; String Quartet (Christman, Grouws, Stravers & Lovelace); 9/10 Grade Chamber Orchestra; Reverie Chamber Orchestra (Beiwel, conductor); At the Purchaser’s Option Chamber Orchestra; Vocal Duet: Hiner & G. Thompson, Njus & D. Skrade, Njus & M. Wilson, S. & L. Sandhorst, Madrigal Singers, CC Chamber Singers, VC Chamber Choir, 9th Grade Chamber Choir, 9th Gr. Treble Clef 9 (A. Hanson, G. Jones, G. Thompson, R. Kane, Kamryn Steines, Wemark, Blikre, Brodbeck, Sheffield), VC Treble Clef 10 (E. Hook, Kipp, R. Suhr, Walker, B. Hanson, Storhoff, Valkosky, Kelly, Pritchard, Hayley Stowe), CC Treble Clef 9 (Campbell, Irwin, Lange, Hageman, L. Johnson, R. Wilson, Koryn Bakken, Redenius, Tweten),  CC Treble Clef 12 (Dlhy, M. Krieg, Laybourn, Grouws, Lovelace, S. Sandhorst, Buresh, A. Kane, A. Skrade, Hartz, Stahl, Wiedow), VC Bass Clef 5 (Evelsizer, Phillips, Hiner, Stammeyer, Weis), CC Bass Clef Quartet (Njus, Muhlbauer, Ostlie, Jacobsen), Junior Bass Clef Quartet (Njus, Sweet, Magner, M. Wilson); Senior Bass Clef 10 (McCain, Haywood Stowe, B. Hook, Muhlbauer, Berns, Folkedahl, Ostlie, D. Chamberlain, Eichinger, Jacobsen), Junior Bass Clef 7 (Njus, Sweet, Magner, Brickley, V. Merritt, D. Skrade, M. Wilson).

Division II – Excellent Ratings:

Solos (total: 31)

Flute: Emma Humpal; Clarinet: Mikael Havens; Baritone Saxophone: Grant Zilka; Trumpet: Oliver Brummel, Aitor Cuevas, Greta Jones, Andy Kruger; Timpani: Caden Branum, Michael Njus; Mallet: Kealy Hines, Beau Newhouse; Mixed Percussion: Jerald Thompson; Piano: Gwenyth Thompson;Violin: Sophia Christman, Sylvia Sandhorst, Ramsey Zilka, Kinsey White, Ella Grouws, Lydia Monreal, Gwenyth Thompson; Viola: Ethan Stravers, Annalise Skrade; Cello: Riley Wilson; Soprano: Sydney Kipp, Margret Zook; Alto: Riley Wilson; Tenor: Connor Evelsizer; Bass: Oliver Brummel, Nolan Jacobsen, Ezra Vorvick, Max Wilson.

Ensembles (total: 18)

SB Woodwind Choir; SB Brass Choir; Clarinet Choir (Anderson, Havens, K. Holland, Keefe, Kleiner, Lange, Mtisi, K. Walter); French Horn Trio: (L. Sandhorst, Kamryn Steines, Wadsworth); Low Brass Ensemble (Sessions, Sullivan, Eli Vorvick); Mallet Duet: McGohan & Kassidy Steines; String Duets: Monreal & A. Hanson, Stravers & C. Kowitz, R. Wilson & Lovstuen, Olson & L. Holland, Karmyn Bakken & Blikre; S. Sandhorst & Lovstuen; String Quartets: (M. Holland, Dlhy, L. Johnson & M. Krieg), (G. Thompson, E. Johnson, Karmyn Bakken & Blikre); CC Chamber Choir, 9th Gr. Treble Clef 10 (Downing, E. Johnson, Zook, Karmyn Bakken, Bentley, Goodner, Hines, C. Holland, Northup, Wadsworth), CC Treble Clef 8 (Alberts, Bruening, Schwarz, Christman, Lovstuen, Rooney, Henriquez, N. Johnson), 9th Gr. Bass Clef 10 (C. Krieg, Kruger, Coppola, L. Hook, Beau Newhouse, Brummel, L. Chamberlain, J. Thompson, Sovern, Ezra Vorvick)