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Decorah Middle School strives to offer clubs and activities that meet a variety of interests.

Middle School Sports

wrestling take down



girls basketball

Boys and Girls Basketball









Student bumping the volleyball


Student tackling an opponent









Boys Cross Country

Boys and Girls Cross Country


  • Cheerleading
  • Track


Middle school orchestra

Orchestra (5-8)

Band practice

Band (5-8)


Choir Concert

Chorus (5-8)











  • Musical (6)
  • Jazz Band (7-8)


Clubs and Activities

Mock trial

Mock Trial (7-8)







  • School Play (7-8)
  • Decorah Defenders (6-8)
  • Geography Bee (5-6)
  • Math Counts (6-8)
  • Reading Games (5-6)


Lego League

First Lego League (8)

National History Day

National History Day (8)