Driver’s Education is offered through Decorah High School and StreetSmarts and taught by Mr. Pankow. ┬áThree sessions are offered each year which are:

  • Semester 1 session (September – December)
  • Semester 2 session (January – March)
  • Summer session (May-July).

The class portion is completed through the StreetSmarts online program.

The driving portion consists of six drive times in the car with Mr. Pankow, the Instructor.

Once both of these components are successfully completed, the final certification of completion will be uploaded electronically to the Iowa DOT system.

To sign up, please visit the StreetSmarts website at the following link:

To register, you will need the student’s permit number and make payment at the time of registering.

Questions, please contact:

  • Jim Pankow,