Driver’s Education is offered through Decorah High School and Street Smarts and taught by Mr. Pankow.  Three sessions are offered each year which are:

  • Semester 1 session (September – December)
  • Semester 2 session (January – March)
  • Summer session (June-July).

At this time, classes are taught through an online system and the student will have to complete six drive times in the car.  Once both of these components are successfully completed, final certification of completion will be uploaded electronically so the student can obtain a school permit by visiting the Winneshiek County Treasurer’s office if they wish to do so.

A student must have their driver’s permit for one month prior to beginning a Driver’s Ed session.

To sign up, please complete and return the form below. 

Questions, please contact:

  • Jim Pankow,
  • Denise Gulrud,