A credit is earned by obtaining a passing grade in a class for the semester. Approximately 12 credits each year are needed to make normal progress toward a high school diploma. A minimum of 48 credits is required for graduation from Decorah High School including the required classes listed below.

Graduation Course Requirements

EnglishEight (8) credits must be earned including:
Two (2) credits of English 9
Two (2) credits of English 10
Two (2) credits of English 11
MathematicsA minimum of six (6) credits must be earned
ScienceSix (6) credits must be earned including:
Two (2) credits of Physical Science 9
Life science credit fulfilled either through Environmental Science or Biology
Social StudiesSix (6) credits must be earned including:
One (1) credit in World Geography
One (1) credit in World History
Two (2) Credits in American History
One (1) credit in Government 12
One (1) credit in Economics 12 including instruction in Financial Literacy
HealthOne (1) credit must be earned.
CPR instruction leading to certification must be completed.
Physical EducationFour (4) credits must be earned (1⁄2 credit per semester).
Grades will be awarded which will count toward honor roll determination but will not count in grade point averages and rank in class calculations.
F.I.R.S.T.One (1) credit must be earned in F.I.R.S.T.
Financial LiteracyOne (1) credit of personal financial literacy met through successful completion of one of the following:
Personal Finance
Business & Finance

Special Education Graduation Requirements

To earn a regular high school diploma, all students, including students with disabilities, must meet their local school district’s graduation requirements, which at minimum, must include the district PE requirement, any services required to receive FAPE (i.e.goal completion), and instruction in:

  • four years of English
  • three years of math
  • three years of social studies
  • three years of science


Graduation Information & Guidance for Families

High School Planning

Please see the Decorah High School Forms & Information page.