All Decorah Community School District school buildings are secured buildings. After all the students have arrived, the exterior doors will be locked throughout the day until a dismissal. There are exceptions at each building whereby visitors are to enter during the school day.

Each school has a camera to screen visitors before entering the school. All visitors are asked to check-in with the front office before proceeding to other rooms. Cameras are also present throughout district buildings and buses.

Visitors at Schools

Effective the first day of school, all visitors (including parents, volunteers, substitutes, etc.) should report to the main building office to sign/check-in. You may be asked for a valid state-issued ID (driver’s license) or other credentials. All visitors will then be issued a visitor badge. Minors that do not have a valid state-issued ID will be allowed to visit, as long as they are accompanied by an adult that has checked-in

All visitors will be required to check-out and return their visitor badge through the main office before leaving the school. Keystone personel are asked to sign/check-in in the building office, but do not require a visitor badge if they have their AEA-issued identification badge.