Familes typically immigrate to an area with the intention of staying and living there. The reasons families have choosen to immigrate to Northeast Iowa vary. Some have moved to the area for employment opportunities, to escape a violent conflict, environmental factors, political stability, less crime, educational purposes, or to reunite with family. 

Resources for Families

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Understanding Cultural Differences

Northeast Iowa is home to families who have migrated from a number of countries for various reasons. Learn about the places area residents have journeyed from and the cultures they bring with them.

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Why People Migrate

Migration Trends

Migration is about the movement of people from place to place. There are usually push factors and pull factors at work. Find out more about the reasons behind the trends and migration policy.

Root Causes of Migration

In an examination of root causes that drive people to migrate it is helpful to fully understand global migration.

Why People Migrate: 11 Surprising Reasons

Take a look at some of the reasons why different groups of people choose to immigrate.

Articles and Resources for Educators

How Schools Can Help Meet Immigrant Students’ Basic Needs

Students may face new challenges in having their basic needs met for a variety of reasons. Learn more about factors specifically impacting immigrant students and how to establish community partnerships that can help address some of those needs.

Ten Strategies for Supporting Immigrant Students and Families

This in-depth guide on supporting immigrant families includes more than 50 strategies for schools and early childhood centers.

Why Communities Move

Students consider the push and pull factors that cause groups of people or communities to move. Then they investigate their own community’s history.