List building is just like it sounds! Create lists based on specific topics. List building can help relieve stress, boost your brainpower, and improve your focus. Here are some list-building prompts.

The alphabet A through ZTwo people singingbags of popcorn
A-Z list of things you likeTop 10 favorite songsBest movies of all time
locations pinned on a map imageImage of booksGrateful thankful blessed sign
Favorite places to go or visitBooks you want to readWhat are you thankful for?
Dog looking out the windowNuts person smelling a flower
List of things you are missingList of things that drive you nuts!List of favorite smells
My bucket list imageDream catcherrainy, wet sidewalk
List of things to tryWhat are your dreams?Rainy day ideas
Ravi roshan AdUs32i0jc unsplashSharon mccutcheon ZhJ l010oa0 unsplashJoshua sortino LqKhnDzSF 8 unsplash
Things you have learned in lifeFamily TraditionsWhat your life might look like at different points in your future
Kyle glenn nXt5HtLmlgE unsplashErriko boccia TWB035qnbQs unsplashNaassom azevedo AcWC8WuCQ k unsplash
Ways you can make the world a better placeWays you can de-stress every dayPeople you see every day and ONE good thing about them