2021 – 2022 Transportation Information

All school buses will stop at ALL SCHOOLS in the morning.

All school buses depart from the Carrie Lee / Middle School area in the afternoon

Morning Shuttle Buses

(designated in town stops for students K-8 only)

Bus Number Location
9 Entrance of Phelps Park (Walnut & Park St.) (Linden & Park St.)
26 Behind Leon’s 66 (Stanford & Mill) & (Corner of Mill & Dudley)
4 Corner of College Drive and Pool St. (Municipal Pool)
18 Corner of Sunset & Hilltop (Dahly Addition)
14 Corner of Rural and Ridgewood (AEA Corner), Ridgewood & Clearview, Commerce & Clearview
13 Corner of E. Broadway and Oak St. (K-8 Graders)
13, 65 Boards at the DHS to St. Benedict’s

Shuttling across town to other schools (any bus coming thru can be used to shuttle)

  • DHS/JCE schools to DMS/CLE/WSEEC schools depart before 7:45 am
  • DMS/CLE schools to DHS/JCE/WSECC schools depart before 7:45 am

West Side Shuttle Bus (Bus 12 & 2 to all other schools)

  • Students in K-8 only
  • Departs before 7:45

Afternoon Shuttle Buses

Bus Number Location
1, 7, 9, 24 From JCE to CLE/DMS at 2:55
14, 66 From DHS to CLE/DMS
13, 65 From St. Benedict’s to CLE/DMS
23 Town Shuttle: WSSEC to JCE to DMS to CLE to Sunflower to DMS to CLE to DHS to WSECC