A highly competent teacher workforce is a critical foundation for continually improving children’s educational outcomes. Teacher Quality (TQ) supports Iowa’s efforts for attracting, supporting, and retaining a diverse workforce of teachers to develop greater mastery and leadership in their classrooms by providing funds for teacher professional development.

Funds Allocation

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Senate File 277 provides funding for teachers to pursue individual and group professional development.  Funding may include, but is not limited to, fees for professional conferences or workshops, educational materials, and/or time for learning teams to form and operate.

Funding for individual professional development is $125 per year.  Teachers may use these funds one year at a time or combine them in the first or second year for a total of $250.  Any individual professional development funds not utilized after the two year period of 2017-2019 will be re-appropriated.


To qualify, “All professional development plans must be aligned with the Iowa Professional Development Model… and must contain the following:

  • Support that meets the career development of individual teachers and is aligned with the Iowa Teaching Standards
  • Research-based instructional strategies aligned with the school district’s student achievement needs and the long-range improvement goals established by the districts
  • Instructional improvement components including student achievement data, analysis, theory, classroom demonstration and practice, technology integration, observations, reflection, and peer coaching.” (Per Iowa Code Chapter 284.6)

Only professional development plans that focus on student achievement will be considered.  Also, they must be developed in cooperation with the teacher’s evaluator (i.e. building principal).

Applications for individual professional development proposals should be submitted below.

See your building principal or the educator members of the Teacher Quality Committee if you have any questions.

Application for Teacher Quality Funds

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    *Applications must be processed by June 14, 2021 *Professional Development must be completed by June 30, 2021
  • Description of Request

    List expense requests (such as renewal/recertification credit or registration fee, lodging, materials), individual and/or study group time – either as a book or curricular study (minimum 4 hours), or time (minimum 4 hours) used for the application of coursework into the classroom environment (development of classroom learning activities). Teachers must provide their own transportation, but if their balance allows, they may request reimbursement for mileage (at the rate as per the current master contract). Teachers may use these funds one year at a time ($125) or combine them in the first or second year for a total of $250.

Teacher Quality Committee

  • Monitor the implementation of the requirements of statutes and administrative code provisions relating to this chapter (284), including requirements that affect any agreement negotiated pursuant to chapter 20.
  • Monitor the evaluation requirements of this chapter to ensure evaluations are conducted in a fair and consistent manner throughout the school district or agency. The committee shall develop model evidence for the Iowa teaching standards and criteria. The model evidence will minimize paperwork and focus on teacher improvement. The model evidence will determine which standards and criteria can be met with observation and which evidence meets multiple standards and criteria.
  • Determine the use and distribution of the professional development funds calculated and paid to the school district or agency as provided in section 257.9 or section 257.10 based upon school district or agency, attendance center, and individual teacher and professional development plans.
  • Monitor the professional development in each attendance center to ensure that the professional development meets school district or agency, attendance center, and individual professional development plans.
  • Determine the compensation for teachers on the committee for work responsibilities required beyond the normal workday

DCSD TQ Funds Committee Members

  • Dana Bockman, Facilitator of Instruction & Assessment
  • Cathy Dietzenbach, Business Manager
  • Liz Fox, DHS ELA Instructor
  • Mark Lane, Superintendent
  • Michaela Seeman, JCE/CLE Media Specialist
  • Kim Shepperd, DHS Principal
  • Brigit Storhoff, DMS Interventionist