Business Management & Administration helps to prepare students to master the knowledge and skills needed to function as citizens, consumers, employees, managers, business owners, and directors of their economic futures through the study of accounting, business law, career development, communication, computation, economics, personal finance, entrepreneurship, information technology, international business, management, and marketing.

Standards and Benchmarks

Business Administration

Business Administration Standards

Finding More Information on Performance Indicators

Updated Business Administration Standards Tool
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Iowa Core Literacy Standards

Finance Critical Competencies

Financial Literacy within 21st Century Skills of the Iowa Core

Business Management & Administration Courses

  • Accounting I  10-12
  • Accounting II  11-12
  • Business & Marketing Communications  12
  • Business & Finance  12
  • Business Law 11-12
  • General Business  9-10
  • Information Computing
  • Work-Based Learning 11-12

Instructor – Lori Crum