Standards-Based Grading at grades EC-8 focuses on what students are learning instead of what they are doing. Traditionally, grades have been focused on what students do, how well they behave, their attendance, their effort, and how well they conform; only some focus is on what they learn. Extensive research supports Standards-Based Grading as a best practice in support of student learning. Furthermore, the District is required to teach the Iowa Core standards, so it only makes sense to also assess and report out on those standards.

Core Beliefs

  • Grades must communicate what students know and are able to do.
  • Grades are based on clearly established criteria determined by state standards and content teams.
  • Academic achievement is reported separately from behaviors.
  • Grades are equitable. 

Standards-Based Grading Resources

DCSD Standards-Based Education & Grading Parent Manual

Learner Behaviors