In order to ensure our current K-12 students are scientifically literate, global citizens who are prepared for college or career success, Iowa adopted new Science Standards that reflect what students in grades K-12 should know and be able to do as a result of instruction. The new science standards reflect our state’s emphasis on giving all students the real-world knowledge and skills needed to be ready for success in college and in the workforce, regardless of the career paths they choose. These real-world connections will involve students engaging with scientific phenomena and design solutions to problems. In addition, the standards focus on a deeper understanding of content and build coherently from kindergarten through grade 12 and the standards provide clear opportunities for a clear connection to literacy and mathematics.

Science Standards

Iowa Core Science Standards

Elementary Program

Mystery Science

High School Science Courses

  • AP Chemistry  11-12
  • Biology/Biology TT  10
  • Botany  10-12
  • Chemistry  11-12
  • Electricity/Electronics  10-12
  • Environmental Science  11-12
  • Physical Science/Physical Science TT  9
  • AP Physics: Mechanics C  11-12
  • Physics  11-12
  • Biomedical Science  11-12 (Project Lead the Way)

Graduation Requirements

Total of 6 credits including:

  • 2 credits of Physical Science 9
  • 1 life science credit (Environmental Science or Biology)

Science Resources