Architecture, Construction & Manufacturing programs prepare students for careers and higher education within manufacturing technology, engineering, and design, construction technology, transportation technology, and communication. Students are provided technical knowledge that emphasizes high standards and quality experiences in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development.

Vision and Mission

Architecture, Construction & Manufacturing programs will offer Programs of Study, aligned with industry standards. Beginning with a broad-based industry-focused career exploration course at the secondary level, programs will continue with a coherent sequence of courses within a career cluster through post-secondary education. Student attainment of proficiency will be measured through assessments aligned with industry standards and providing students with industry certification(s).

Standards and Benchmarks

Applied Sciences/Engineering and Technology Standards

Architecture, Construction & Manufacturing Courses 

  • Cabinet Making  9-12
  • Cabinet Making II 10-12
  • Intro to Construction 9-12
  • Construction 11-12
  • Intro to Metals 11-12
  • Electricity 10-12
  • Gas Engine Principles
  • Work-Based Learning 11-12